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Start making responsive animated websites today.

UIkit 3

UIkit includes over 70 unique stacks and the powerful UIkit theme. Also included is the Tests Project, so you can get started making your own personalized animated sites with ease.
RapidWeaver v8.0+ and Stacks v3.5+ are required

Pre-built Projects

We offer pre-built single page projects so to get you started with your website easily. Below you can purchase some of our additional projects, the Tests project is already included in the package.

Tests Project

An extensive use of all UIkit components, with examples and variations that will help in better understanding on how to use the framework and stacks combinations.

Frequent Asked Questions


  • I haven't received my download link
    Download links are generated automatically by the shopping-cart processor Cartloom, you should receive an invoice with download link within minutes from your purchase. Please check your email junk folder as well, in case you're sure no email was received please contact support at support@weaverskingdom.com.
  • Is there a discount for existing UIkit users?
    Yes. We offer a full 30% off discount for customers who purchased the full package of UIkit version 2. Please contact support@weaverskingdom.com for more details.


  • Can I use my product on multiple websites?
    Yes. However if you are reusing the product in multiple commercial projects, please consider budgeting towards the purchase of extra licenses. Although not compulsory, this would help greatly towards ongoing development costs.


  • What are the basic requirements?
    Base requirements for using UIkit for RapidWeaver are:
    • RapidWeaver version 8.1.6 and up
    • Stacks 3 and up
  • Which browsers are supported?
    All our products support all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Are the products working with 3rd party stacks?
    Our products support most 3rd party stacls. However it is impossible to know whether all stacks work with our products. If a 3rd party stack you use is not compatible with our products, let us know, and we will inspect it.